Lenah Valley looking better

Hey, we've got another chance to have our say on the design of the Retail Precinct improvements for the Augusta Road shopping centre in Lenah Valley. 

Well done to those who made input on the last draft we saw in November.  There are some good things in the design improvements made since then, and some of these are in response to our previous input (we asked for bike lanes and a second crossing point), so well done!  Council says:  "An uphill bike lane and bike parking will be included in the upgrade in response to growing numbers of people riding bikes in the area and to encourage active transport".

Here is the page to view the latest design and where you can have your say.  The detail is in the revised design, which is available there under the heading "Related Documents".     Do take a look at our comments below before you complete the survey. Comments will be received until the end of February.

Things to like for bike riders:

1. There is now a painted bike lane - note that it's only on one side of the road at a time, and is not all the way along, just on the uphill sections

  • this could be accepted as a first step towards future adequate and safe provision for riders (i.e. when lanes would be physically separated from the passing traffic) (tell them they're dreaming)
  • and if space is only currently available for a lane on one side of the road, then it makes sense to ensure it is provided on the uphill sections
  • but they could be made safer:
  • why is it so stop/start?  This lack of consistency on the road will cause confusion, and will not encourage less confident riders to ride on the road.  The result will be more people riding on the footpath, not very desirable from anyone's standpoint. Each bike lane should run for a steady distance instead of being broken up several times.
  • there should be more green paint on the bike lanes, especially where vehicle access points are marked, to indicate that bikes will be passing here and drivers should look out for them

2. There are now two pedestrian crossing points across Augusta Rd - this is good

  • but they could be a lot safer
  • they should be Zebra crossings on a ramped table (aka Wombat crossings), and they would then not need to have pedestrian refuge islands included in the median.  It seems that at the western end crossing, these refuge islands preclude enough room being available on the road for the bike lane to continue at this point.  If the crossings included Zebra markings they would give clear and legal priority to pedestrians and there would be no need for pedestrian refuges for people to take shelter in in the middle of the road. 
  • If they were on a ramped table this would help slow the traffic down and also provide better visibility of pedestrians stepping out onto the road.  They would also be easier to negotiate by people with prams and mobility vehicles.

3. The signed road speed limit will be reduced to 40 kph - good, this will improve safety in the precinct.

4. There are ramped pedestrian crossings where the two side streets enter the retail precinct.  These will be easier to manage for people with prams and mobility vehicles.  They will improve safety as they will help slow down incoming traffic and will send a message that pedestrians have priority in this area.  Of course we would prefer that they be Zebra crossings, to provide legal priority to pedestrians.

5. The bike parking loops to be installed are a sensible functional design.

If you live near Lenah Valley, transit along there, go shopping there, visit your doctor there....  do click on this link and fill in the Lenah Valley Concept Survey to have your say.

There will also be on-site consultations -

Council says:  If you’d prefer to tell us in person then come along to our on-street consultations on:


Thursday 9 February:   3.30–5 pm
Thursday 23 February: 9.30–11 am
Saturday 25 February: 10–11.30 am



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