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The Bicycle Network Tasmania Collection at Sustainable Living Tasmania

Bicycle Network Tasmania owns a small but interesting collection of books about riding, and you don’t have to be a member of Sustainable Living Tasmania (SLT) to access it.  It is great if you are an SLT member, of course – it helps the worthy cause of SLT ! 

But if you’re a member of Bicycle Network Tasmania you can borrow books there  - just go along, select your book(s), find the folder where you write down your name, phone number, date of borrowing, and the barcode number of the book(s).  Then you ask a staff member to issue the book(s) to BikeTas’s SLT membership number (#1357) and that’s it – the loan period is three weeks.  Each book or magazine in the "BikeTas" collection is identified with an orange sticker on the spine, as well as its unique barcode.

We buy new titles that we think are of use and/or interest to members, and there are some generous people who volunteer pre-loved books about riding as well.

You can access the library from home. To see what we have, click here.







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