Look out for this stolen Norco

Lisa has sent us this story of the stealing of her beloved mountain bike, which was taken about a week ago:


On Thursday evening 17th April my husband locked his bike on the outside of mine at the yacht club in Sandy Bay; both bikes were locked independently to a rail, along with our Chariot bike trailer. In the morning (Fri 18th April) my bike was gone. My husband’s bike was still there, however, the lock had been damaged beyond use. Fortunately the Chariot trailer was still there.

To take my bike the person, or people, moved my husband’s bike forward on its cable lock after not being able to pick or force the lock, un-hitched the child bike trailer from my bike, undid the quick release axle on the back wheel to remove the towing hitch and then reattached the hitch to the trailer (they were quite considerate to leave all the parts of the trailer ready to attach to a ‘new’ bike!) and cut through my lock with a hacksaw (frayed wire indicates this), and left my helmet as well.

Bike specs:

Silver Norco mountain/dirt jumping style bike with large chunky tyres and long travel front suspension. A red Canadian maple leaf is at the front on the top of the cross bar and it also says 17" frame there. No suspension on the back, disc brakes front and rear. Two chain rings on the front. New clip in SPD pedals (please note, photo taken before I got these pedals). Gold dice valve caps. Black rack on the back to take our Beto child seat. Brown engraved leather like patterned seat with a gel seat cover on top. Water bottle cage. The disc brakes were at the end of their travel, soon needing to be adjusted and/or serviced. The chain needed lube. The left brake cable has two wires just starting to separate from the rest of the cable near the lever. Also possible, a slight click in crank from a recent tumble.

We choose to ride bikes as our mode of transport - we ride almost every day, and it is my chosen transport for myself and my two young children. I just got this bike late last year.

Thanks for your help, Lisa and Jamie 0468790178 and 0468 790 179


Lisa and Jamie have also put out a call to local bike shops to keep an eye out for it.   

Please let them, or the police, know if you see it.


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