Lutana Link - Hobart's own Highline?

BNT is lobbying with the Lutana Links group to revitalise an unused corridor between the Inter City Cycleway and Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground.  The potential is enormous, to turn this currently derelict rail corridor into a welcoming environment for kids to ride to school, picnickers to access the park, residents to ride to work, lovers to stroll and enjoy a green parkland.

Lutana Links group is engaging with a range of stakeholders to promote the vision of securing this unused corridor for creative and healthy community enjoyment.  There's more info on the project here.  Recently we met with several local people's representatives at the site, and it was clear that they could see the potential. 


A new picnic destination opens up.



It's ready and waiting.

Looking at the bridge over the highway and the views from it, I was reminded of the Highline of New York City, where visionary locals have transformed an abandoned elevated railway into a much loved community asset and a huge drawcard for visitors.  OK, this is on a much smaller scale!


This bridge has style, industrial heritage - and views!

We will be showing the site to other stakeholders and working with them to progress possibilities.





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