Lutana Links meeting 22 February

Lutana Links coordinator Alan Whykes reports that the Lutana Links group is back in action development just won't go away :-)

"Behind the scenes we have been working on some strategy, so it’s time to consult again before we move to the next, very important, step. If the Lutana Link project is new to you, please read more here.

And, as the weather is passable at this time of year, we’d like to take you for another walk along the old Lutana rail corridor. We'll identify some edible weeds that grow in the area. There is some blackberry nightshade, cleavers, mustard flowers, calendula and buckshorn plantain to spot so please bring a camera or notebook if you wish.

Then we’ll have a sit-down meeting and bring you up to speed on lobbying for the Lutana Link project. Afternoon tea will be available".

Date: Sunday 22 February

Time: 3.30pm until finished, probably around 5pm

Location: Meet at foot/rail bridge over Brooker Hwy, near Derwent Park Rd.

Everyone is welcome.  If you can't make it, please let Alan know anyway.  And, please do a few social media favours:

- share the link about the meeting,

- follow us on Twitter @lutanalink

- have a gander at our new Facebook page (thanks Leesa!):



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