MAMIL - the movie

This looks like a lot of fun, and (bonus) has good reviews.

MAMIL is a funny, quirky, poignant and heartfelt look at the global phenomenon that is Middle Aged Men in Lycra (MAMILs). 

From the "Fat Boys" in Adelaide to the "Fabulous Boys" in New York, MAMIL celebrates the ways in which cycling has changed the lives of literally millions of middle aged men (and women and some older men and women too) the world over.
MAMIL is for you if (check one):
  • You are a MAMIL.
  • Are married to a MAMIL.
  • Have a parent or grandparent who is a MAMIL.
  • Don't like sharing the road with MAMILs.
  • Love how MAMILs raise money for great causes.
  • Don't like MAMILs at your local coffee shop on Sunday morning.
  • Love how their camaraderie has changed their lives for the better.

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