Marti Zucco

  • What are the benefits of bike riding in moving people around in Tasmania? 

Healthy lifestyle, environmental benefits, alternative forms of transportation considering Tasmania has not an appropriate public transport system.

  • What are your policies to encourage bike riding in Tasmania? 

I can only give you my personal viewpoint and as I constantly travel around the world and in particular to Melbourne it has always been on my agenda to bring ideas from abroad back to Tasmania. I have shared those ideas with members of your organisation and others. I personally have assisted in developing options to encourage bike riding with my latest support for utilising non arterial road links as part of the Sandy Bay bikeway similar to the City of Yarra in Melbourne.

Furthermore I was instrumental in pursuing the Bike parking facilities in the Argyle street Car park and I constantly encourage developers to include bike facilities in their projects and many have done so.

I have numerous photos that I have taken from around Australian cities, China, Japan, Europe, and the US that I have Shared with some members of your organisation and in particular Hobart City Council officers that I also have a role with. I am constantly encouraging new and innovate ideas that will assist those that would like to utilise this form of transport as their preferred option.

  • Will you pledge to increase bike infrastructure in your local community, if elected? 

I believe I have already done so, and this can be confirmed with my recent media release and story on Tasmanian Times and the Mercury I provide a link to that recent story

  • If elected, what key bike infrastructure projects do you intend to implement? 

For starters I attach a link below and attach my media release associated with it

  • How is the population motivated to use bicycles instead of cars? How will you promote cycling as an attractive form of transportation? 

No doubt as more and more bike facilities are implemented and developers are encouraged to include bike facilities in their respective developments which is occurring I have no doubt this will encourage and motivate the population. I believe that this is occurring with the increasing numbers of people using bikes as their preferred option.

The best way I am able to promote bicycles instead of cars is to continue to put ideas forward but to be honest as we see overseas there will always be those who prefer cars, motorbikes, and public transport as their preferred option. The only way to encourage more bicycle use is to improve facilities from bike lanes in non arterial roads such as Yarra has to providing bike parking bays similar to Japan.

  • The most recent survey by the Australian Sports Commission indicated that men were two and a half times more likely to commute by bicycle than women. Why do you believe this is, and what is your strategy to encourage women to cycle? 

I really cannot answer this as that could depend on the survey and how it was conducted as I am not aware of this survey, but if I can take a guess I would say that it could be a safety  issue? Again I am only taking guesses here and who knows as we are aware that generally the attire that men and women wear is prominently different in particular the workplace? Could it be the lack of facilities at the destination so that the person can freshen up at the destination? I did suggest that the HCC provide Shower and other facilities in the bike parking bay at the Argyle street car park which assist those who need to freshen up prior to work.  The reality is riding  to work even a short distance would have its affects on personal grooming issues.

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