MONA Takes Out Cycling Clips

The annual presentation of the Cycling Clips and Cadence Awards took place on Thursday the 19th of September, at Sustainable Living Tasmania. 

The Clips Award acknowledges groups or organisations which have contributed to growth and acceptance of cycling in all its forms, throughout the Tasmanian community.

Bicycle Tasmania's Cycling Clips were awarded to MONA, for their deliberate and effective steps to supporting bicycle riding as a form of transportation. 

MONA have promoted bicycle riding at their events, including providing hire bikes, as well as supporting Bicycle Tasmania through their ongoing use of the valet parking service. 

Brian Ritchie acted as Bicycle Tasmania's 2012 Ride2Work Day ambassador and mentor on the Sandy Bay Cycleway support ride.

Myra Moller who was Bicycle Tasmania's 2013 Bike Week and Tour de Femme ambassador, as well as featuring in Bicycle Tasmania's cycling advocacy video, accepted the award on MONA's behalf.

This year, marked the first year that the awards were held in conjunction with Cycling South's Cadence Award, given to an individual who has contributed to getting more people riding bikes. 

The 13th Cadence Award went to Mardy Ayton from the Hobart City Council for her tireless commitment to bicycle education and cycling courses, and passion to encourage people to get on their bikes. 

The evening additionally marked the end of an era with Bicycle Tasmania President, Jeff Dunn stepping down to the Committee. Under Jeff Dunn's guidance the organisation has developed into a strong force for supporting and encouraging the take-up of all forms of bike riding across Tasmania. 

Long-term Committee Member, Di Elliffe was elected as the new Bicycle Tasmania President. 


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