Mountain Bike Riding Maps

Bicycle Network Tasmania is proud to host this set of Hobart Riding Trails maps compiled by a keen local MTBNav and MTBO rider.  These maps contain a higher level of detail and accuracy than most other local maps available online, many of which can be comparatively stylised.  A  range of available paths are included as well as main recommended routes, enabling riders to loop around onto tracks that may otherwise remain unknown, and to enjoy a route with less backtracking. 

While the maps are drawn with offroad mountain bike riders in mind, walkers and horse riders will also find them useful, and the bitumen roads are conducive to road riding. 

Area maps are presented in A4 pages for convenience. Click on the image to view a printable PDF file. Note: Home printing in high resolution will provide the clearest print - "save as" the PDF, then select the "Best Photo" printing option. Special photo paper is not required for good results. 



Sandford WestSouthNorthEast  
Hobart Domain  
Geilston Bay                                     
Mornington Hill  








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