New 1.5m safety signs going up

A State Government initiative arising out of Road Safety Advisory Committee recommendations has now been implemented. 


BIKE riders are happy to see new signs erected that encourage drivers to give them a wide berth when passing but say more is needed to increase their safety on the State’s roads.

The distinctive yellow signage shows a cyclist and a car, with one showing a passing distance of one metre for 60km/h roads and the other 1.5m for roads above 60km/h.

Bicycle Network Tasmania said today that the new measures needed to be reinforced with improved bike infrastructure, road building and maintenance programs that took account of cyclists.

“There has been a steady rollout of initiatives to better inform and educate all road users and we commend Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding for leading the way on this,” Bicycle Network Tasmania adviser Garry Bailey said.

The organisation has called on the State Government to restore and increase the Trails and Bikeways Program to local councils.


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