New bike parking in Liverpool St, Hobart?

Late last year 2015 Bicycle Network Tasmania pressured the Council to install bike parking in the new traffic-calmed "shared space" of Liverpool St (between Elizabeth and Murray Streets).  Due to some oversight (!?) there hadn't been  any included in the plans for this supposed pedestrian and bike friendly area.  We kept mentioning it in Hobart Bike Advisory Committee meetings.  In July 2016 we followed up using SnapSendSolve to let Council know nothing had yet appeared.  We got a quick response saying there had been (another) oversight and they would be installed very soon.

Today we went to take a look.  We counted four (4) natty little loops attached to the tall and short poles which are scattered around the central pedestrian friendly zone.  They are almost invisible (as demonstrated by the behaviours of street users), and seemingly randomly distributed.

  • Cafe Cultura was a prime candidate for bike riders.  Nothing provided.  Here we saw one coffee drinker's bike chained to an ordinary pole and another bike sheltering in the coffee corral with its owner.
  • The loop provided on the other side of the street near LivEat cafe has been rendered useless by the cafe itself - they probably haven't noticed the loop yet.  They will need to move their little fences if they want bike riders to use their cafe.
  • We saw two others, which are hard to notice if you are not looking for them.

There is so much space here which could be used for bike parking, whether on the wide footpaths or taking over one of the on-street carparks, that it is very disappointing that so little has been provided.  Conversion of just one car parking space outside a cafe could easily park eight bikes for coffee-loving bike riders.  It's not hard.








Meanwhile the street is one way and no contra flow bike lane has been provided.  Bikes are not to be ridden on the footpath in "busy hours".   It is not evident that the new lower speed limit and the restricted car parking periods are being enforced.



Where is the provision of equal opportunity for people who would like to choose to ride, a healthy, low cost, environmentally positive mode of transport?

Hobart, you can do better!!!


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