New connection - Federal Street

The City of Hobart has recently completed the installation of bikelanes in Federal Street, North Hobart, between Argyle Street and Elizabeth Street.  This new section in the bicycle network means that riders from North Hobart, New Town and Lenah Valley now have a more protected ride into town and back.  Excellent!


What's needed now is the long promised cut through from New Town Road into Commercial Road, for people riding southwards.  We believe these are coming soon.

And uphill bikelanes along Elizabeth Street, from Federal St to Augusta Rd, for northward riders.

Here's our picture of the Hobart bicycle network:

- with current bikepaths and bikelanes (blue)

- planned and possible future bikepaths and bikelanes (green to red).


 If you'd like to help us advocate for building the bicycle network, please join us!   #togetherwecan

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