Next leg on Morrison St complete

Hobart riders can celebrate completion of another link in the bicycle network - the Morrison St link from the Marine Board building to Brooke St, together with a raised road crossing at the Brooke St pier exit. 

With an attractive textured white concrete surface,  the bidirectional bikepath has a good visual separation from the adjacent footpath, which has an exposed aggregate surface.  Trees and other street furniture reinforce the boundary between the riding and walking zones.


Safe separation from the passing traffic is provided through both the parking lane between the pathway and the traffic lane, and the kerb stepup from the road surface.  This is getting closer to the sort of infrastructure we need to build a safe network of bike paths for less confident riders of all ages and for more vulnerable riders from the age of 8 to 80.

At the Brooke St entrance from the pier side, now one way only, the crossing is raised to indicate priority for pedestrians and riders.  Green paint will soon be applied to provide the additional visual warning to drivers.


The next section is from Brooke St to Murray St.  Design for this is well underway.

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