Park My Bike, Please!

More people are riding their bikes because it is fun and convenient, and it sure beats congestion.  Sadly, the supply of good quality, accessible bike parking spots is not increasing at the same rate.  

Business owners should know that good bike parking can encourage customers to patronise their businesses and to spend more time (and money) in their area.  Councils should know that more people riding bikes will decrease the traffic congestion both in carparks and in our streets.

Councils often respond quickly when asked.  For Hobart, drop an email to: [email protected], offering your suggestion on where bike parking is urgently required.

In many cases, business owners can approach their local Council and get a free bike hoop or two installed on the public footpath outside.  In other cases, a better quality result might be to instal on private property, and in these cases the business owner might have to pay for it.  Bicycle Network Tasmania may be able to assist with installation. 

How you can get involved:

  • check out our new Bike Parking - Hobart Facebook page
  • suggest good places where bike parking is needed, or agree with other riders' suggestions
  • email your local Council to request some quality bike parking at key destinations
  • approach the owners of your favourite business stops to let them know you would appreciate it if they could add some bike parking
  • check out these quick tips on what makes quality bike parking. And these from Bikes Welcome (NZ).



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