Paths and Tracks at Dodges Ferry.


Recent work on the paths around Dodges Ferry has added some really nice concrete paths. I've noticed quite a few kids on bikes going to and from the shops on the weekends,  hopefully kids also ride to school because the off road paths are quite nice.


This gravel path goes from the school, along beside Old Forcett Rd. It goes for 4.8km (well according to Google maps anyway). There's also a gravel path beside Carlton River Road, which joins into Old Forcett Road / Carlton Beach Road. I've ridden along the river road but not the path.

These nice bike racks are at the Dodges Ferry Community Centre, next to the primary school. The school was shut for the holidays, but hopefully they also have parking racks or perhaps a bike shed.

Heading towards the shops from the school there's a rather overgrown path through some park,  a bit of dead end dirt road, then the concrete path starts at Jetty Road and goes along beside First  Avenue. It crosses Carlton Beach Road at this nice crossing, a pinch point in the road with a pedestrian island.

Then the concrete path continues to and from shops. Sadly it stops at the intersection of Tiger Head Road.


The Boat Park is on Tiger Head Road, just next to the boat ramp. There is a neat concrete path around the park for little kids to ride on, and also bike parking racks. It would be nice if they had a bit of off road path connecting the park to the shared path on Carlton Beach Road. It's a really short distance, but often both the road and the verge are full of 4WDs with boat trailers, so a separated path would be very welcome.

This bit doesn't even look like a path any more, so people park over it.


Past the Park Beach headland,  the path is narrow and bumpy, especially where it crosses driveways.


The road is narrow and windy, not much room to ride a bike.




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