Priorities for getting more people riding, more often?

On August 5th, experienced rider Craig Saunders was tragically killed in a collision with a ute. On August 16th, Sustainable Transport Minister Nick McKim announced a forum to get together road users to assess the barriers and options to address some of the many problems riders face on Tasmanian roads. On November 5th, that forum will be convened in Campbell Town by the Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources (DIER).

About 30 representatives from government, not-for-profits and industry have been invited to join DIER staff to list and prioritise issues. Those groups include police, Heart Foundation, RACT, local government representatives, and various cycling advocacy groups including Cycling South, Safer Roads for Cyclists (Cradle Coast), and Bicycle User Groups (Kingston). DIER staff will update the forum on how bike riders are considered in the areas of road safety, planning and traffic engineering

Most people who ride, or who would like to ride, could come up with a list of projects and priorities without hesitation. The purpose of this forum is to list these issues, and to add value by having all road stakeholders to talk through these and prioritise. The aim is that this will feed into state strategy and funding.

DIER’s Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy does a good job of settling the policy context but there are a myriad of operational challenges. Some background information can also be found in the 2011 SKM report on Understanding the Relationship between Cyclists and Drivers.

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