Promising result on Kangaroo Bay

A couple of months ago, just on Christmas time, the public was asked to comment on a proposal to build a hotel/hospitality training school at Kangaroo Bay, Bellerive.  Bicycle Network Tasmania was concerned about likely impacts of the proposed design on the Clarence Foreshore trail as it passes that location, and asked riders and supporters to provide comment to Clarence Council.

We know that a number of regular riders along the Trail put in submissions.  Council reps met with the developer's reps and explained the concerns of riders.  Recently Council notified the people who had made submissions about Council's approval of the proposal with a range of conditions, and we're happy that these conditions reflect the input that riders and their  advocates made.

Here are some of the Council's requirements which will improve safety, accessibility and convenience for bike riders and other users of the area as the development goes ahead:

  • a 4 metre wide public walkway and cycle way ("The Way") within the area shown on the endorsed plan as "Public Walkway" ... built so as to link with the existing or proposed foreshore public walkway immediately to the north and south of the site ... around the water side of the development, with "no sharp bends"
  • improving the design of the cycle path/multi-user path that runs on the inland side of the hotel building, including:
  1. clearly defining and widening the walkway around the proposed 90 degree bend to the south of Building1
  2. removal of the 10 short stay carparking spaces along the thoroughfare between Buildings 1 and 2
  • addition of 14 employee (Class 1 or 2) bike parking spaces; and 14 visitor (Class 3) bike parking spaces, noting that the design of the bike parking facilities must provide safe, obvious and easy access for cyclists (with details on aspects which must be designed for)
  • provision of shower and change room facilities for employees of the hotel and the educational facility
  • the bicycle facilities must be provided prior to the commencement of the use

Item 25 summarises this a bit:



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