Quality Bike Parking

Style of Product

When choosing the style of product to install, consider the type of user, the available space and the level of security required.

The products need to:

  • Meet the Australian Standard AS 2890.3 if installed for public use (all Council and Bicycle Network Bike Parking Experts rails meet AS 2890.3).
  • Allow for the different heights and strengths of users.
  • Be appropriate for the length of time riders will want to park their bikes and the security of the location.
  • Be securely fixed to the floor or wall and non-removable when security is an issue.
  • Be the correct height and width to support the bike in two places. This minimises the chance of damage to the bike.
  • In the case of rails: allow the frame and at least one wheel to be locked with a U-shaped lock
  • In the case of lockers: allow the bike to be fully enclosed, and provide a unique key.
  • Fit a standard sized adult bicycle.
  • Be constructed of durable and easily maintained materials.
  • Allow for the efficient use of space.


  • Space between each rail needs to allow for the length of the bike, width of the handlebars while it is parked, and access for riders to lock and unlock their bike.
  • Corridors within the facility need to provide enough room for riders to freely walk side by side with their bike.
  • Riders need enough room to park and remove their bike without bumping into other bikes.



  • The number of bike parking spaces the designated area can accommodate.
  • The style of rails that best suit the needs of users. A combination of rail types will provide parking alternatives for different user preferences. For example: it is inappropriate to use hanging style rails in schools as students may be unable to lift their bikes.  Many e-bikes are too heavy to lift and need a solid ground level loop to attach to.
  • The style of rails that provide optimum usage of space in the designated area. Combinations of rail styles provide flexibility in layout.
  • The entrance to the facility needs to provide room for riders to get on and off bikes away from pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic flows.

Make it safe and secure

Riders will use bike parking facilities only if they feel safe and that their bicycle is secure.


  • Location – visible to passers-by, security guards and cameras
  • Access – for long term parking facilities (more than 4 hours) - keyed, coded or swipe card entry e.g. for residents and employees
  • Lighting – good visibility within the facility, and a sense of personal safety
  • Product design – bike frame and at least one wheel can be locked to the rail, or the bike can be fully enclosed in a locker
  • Permanent – products to be fixed in place and made immovable
  • Signage – procedures for locking bicycles and doors or gates

Make it attractive

If it’s a pleasant place to park, then riders will use it, and will be encouraged to ride.

  • Clean, brightly coloured, well-lit spaces will attract riders to use bike parking facilities. It may be as simple as a coat of paint.
  • Protection from the elements makes the start and finish of a ride much more enjoyable.  For example, some shade to keep the heat off, and a roof to keep the bike dry. 
  • With the increasing takeup of e-bikes, a couple of power points can remove "range anxiety".  The bike can be charging up for the ride home while the rider is shopping or having lunch.
  • Better lighting and a regular sweep to transform a poorly used facility into one that riders will use.
  • Bike parking is often behind a locked gate or door and may not be accessible for normal cleaning routines.  Keep a broom, a dust-pan and brush and a couple of rags on hand for a quick clean each week.
  • Availability of showers, change rooms and clothing storage can be significant when people are deciding to ride to a location.  Workplaces in particular need to provide these facilities for staff members that ride or take part in other forms of exercise.   If it’s not possible to provide these types of amenities at a location, negotiate with a nearby gym or club as an alternative.


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