RACT Board Candidate Assessments

Bicycle Tasmania invited candidates for the RACT Board to respond to these 3 questions:

1.  Do you support objectives such as increasing the growth of sustainable transport options and arresting the growth of vehicle numbers on key arterial roads (an example of such an objective and typical strategies to achieve this would be Goal C in Hobart City Council’s Sustainable Transport Strategy) ?

2.  How do you think safety on the road could be improved for all road users ?

3.  Should the RACT influence the take up of car pooling and sharing as a means of reducing both traffic congestion and the extent of on-road car parking ?

Here is our assessment of their demonstrated and expressed level of support for sustainable transport solutions and ensuring safe riding conditions for cyclists.  This assessment represents a summary over their answers to the three questions, their Candidate statements, and previously demonstrated support for sustainable transport options. 

Peter Joyce Smile.png
Tim Morris Smile.pngSmile.png
Chris Langdon Smile.png
Wayne Shoobridge Smile.png
Alison Flakemore Smile.png
Sue Smith doubt.png

Ballot opens on 1 October 2014. All ballot papers must be received by 12 noon, Wednesday 5 November 2014.

If you are an RACT member and have not received a ballot paper, download one by clicking this link.

Don't forget to check the voting instructions (they're different to the Council election voting instructions).

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