RACT Board Election 2013 - Candidates Surveyed

Bicycle Tasmanian surveyed the nine candidates for the four available RACT Board positions. We wanted to find out their level of understanding of the importance of bike riding and how much they support riders on the road.  Here are their responses, with some comment from us.  

We gave them a quick and simple rating, based on their election material and their responses. Please vote and tell your friends to vote too!   

Bicycle Tasmania committee member Just has also provided some commentary in our blog.

Andrew Abbott  unhappy_face.jpg

Campaigning on a platform of opposing initiatives that would make the road a safer environment for bike riders, such as reducing speed limits and building Sandy Bay Road bikelane.

See his election material.

Ted Best smiley_face.jpgsmiley_face.jpg

"The RACT, and I as one of its Board members, are keen to see bike friendly infrastructure developed and for cyclists and motorist to coexist safely where this is not feasible. We have developed a breakdown service “Bike Assist” for Ultimate members and their bicycles, being aware that many members are also cyclists. We know that cycling is a healthy community activity and several of our Board members have had active associations with cycling organisations. I am an occasional recreational cyclist myself".

Bob Campbell uncertain_face.jpg

"All wheeled vehicles have a place".

Did not elaborate on whether that means he supports bike infrastructure on roads (or whether the place of bikes is off road). Does not believe that speed is an important factor in crashes but emphasises inattention as the major problem.

Ron Christie smiley_face.jpgsmiley_face.jpg

"I support bike lanes, shared cycle ways, and speed reductions. I am, and will continue to be an advocate of 40kph in and around the CBD. My track record of support is well documented, particularly in my role as Chairman Infrastructure Committee.  In terms of Davey and Macquarie Sts, Council research indicates that the reduction has not had an adverse effect on motorists or major time difference. My concern always has been the connection for pedestrian and cyclist from the City and across both arterials. One of my reasons for nomination is to further develop a greater relationship between Council and RACT in terms of road safety for ALL users, particularly kids. If more appropriate bike lanes, bus lanes, and pedestrian access is going to increase safety and reduce things like road rage, then I’m all for it".

Peter Dixon smiley_face.jpgsmiley_face.jpg

"Whilst the RACT has no ‘specific’ policy regarding ‘bicycle riding’ I am aware that about 20% of its members do ride a bicycle at least once a month for a variety of purposes and, given that, my own view is that in policy making in this area the RACT needs to take specific and careful account of the views of that segment of its membership, and other non-member bicycle riders. In particular, those interests include taking responsibility for the safety and well-being of all users of the roads paying particular attention to the interests of vulnerable users (of which bicycle riders form an important class) and in long term planning, the facilitation of active transportation options for a sustainable future.

Since I have been involved as a Board Member of the RACT I have supported a range of initiates in these regards many if not of all of which will be known to you. These include:

· The extension of Bike Assist to RACT Ultimate Members;

· Financial support of the development of the Code of Conduct for Cyclists;

· Fostering wider education and research – e.g. the support of the Bike Futures Seminars;

· Taking a stance on the reduction of urban speed limits and the provision of well-planned cycle lanes developed with community consensus – in this regard the Northern regional Advisory Committee has taken a very active stance in fostering community participation in the establishment of cycle lanes within the City of Launceston and suburbs

If re-elected I intend to continue to support the interests of vulnerable road users within the policy making framework that I have outlined. In that regard I welcome any representations that you would care to make to me regarding the interests of your members which I would be pleased to take to the Northern regional Advisory Committee and to the Board."

Robin Holmes smiley_face.jpg

"We, as individuals all have a right to utilise roads regardless of what mode of transport e.g. cars, bikes, motorbikes, walking and even horses, provided our manner of use of the chosen road is within the constraints of the law. However, the choice of utilising the particular road for the mode of transport we choose should be governed by the individual’s assessment of the associated risk. One of the components of risk is the suitability of the infrastructure of the road for that use.

As a current Director of RACT I am a strong advocate of developing road infrastructure to a standard that is not only safer for motorists but safe for multi-use by the community. This not only relates to cyclists, but to pedestrians e.g. safety islands, pedestrian lights, lower speed signs in high pedestrian traffic areas, etc. I believe RACT, although the motorists advocate, currently does focus its advocacy role on the safety of all road users and while I continue to be a Director I will advocate strongly for this philosophy to be maintained".

Roger Locke smiley_face.jpgsmiley_face.jpg

"I list cycling among my interests. These days it is restricted to designated bike tracks for the most part. I am interested in improving safety of all road users, and tis include promotion of bike lanes where they can be safely incorporated into existing infrastructure and provision of cycle access in other areas. RACT has a policy to support the safe integration of all road users because this includes the interests of motorists. Many of our members are both vehicle drivers and bike riders, or have bike riders in the family. The RACT Road Service provides emergency service to members on bicycles".

Jenny Self smiley_face.jpg

"I would like to assure Bicycle Tasmania that I fully support the introduction of bike lanes and associated infrastructure". 

Ron Ward uncertain_face.jpg

"Roads are there to be shared, but there are obvious challenges when it comes to sharing the road; a situation not peculiar to Tasmania. I appreciate that pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable road users and we need to do what we can within budgets to protect all road users. In an ideal world we would have dedicated bike lanes and dedicated bus lanes, but with existing road funding being fully allocated, it is difficult to see the way to immediate progress".

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  • Di Elliffe
    commented 2013-11-20 19:34:11 +1100
    Phew! Andrew Abbott didn’t get elected to the RACT Board on his outrageous anti-bicycle platform. Thanks to all who read our candidate survey. Congrats to those members who were returned and to Jenny Self as a newly elected member.