RACT Board election 2015

The annual election for members of the Board of the RACT is open now.  Seven candidates are standing, with four positions available to be filled.  In light of the RACT's significant influence as a stakeholder in transport and traffic decisionmaking in this State, we are encouraging all riders who are eligible to make sure that they vote, and to vote for candidates who are prepared to actively support improved bicycle infrastructure and safer conditions on the road for riders. 

If you'd like to check out their current policy on everyday bike riding, you can find their Active Transport policy here.  When you compare the attitude to riding to the attitude to walking, you will see some concerning differences.

We are in the process of conducting a survey of candidates, and will be offering some recommendations in a week or so.

RACT members will be receiving their Journeys magazine this first week of October, which will include details of candidates and one ballot paper.  RACT members who choose to receive only the email newsletter will be sent a voter pack in the mail.  If you have additional adult members in the house, you'll need to go to the webpage and register for the RACT Member Hub in order to download the ballot paper.   You can also phone RACT and request a full voting pack be posted to you, or you can drop in and pick one up from reception.

Voting details:

  • Categories of members permitted to vote:
    • Service members (Roadside Ultimate, Roadside Advantage)
    • Social Members
    • Honorary Life Members
    • Paid Life Members
    • Nominated person holding a Fleet Membership
    • Note: in accordance with the Membership By-laws "Access" members do not have voting rights
  • Each eligible member is allowed only one vote in this ballot.
  • All family members nominated on a Club card are entitled to vote.
  • The ballot opens on 1 October 2015. All ballot papers must be received by 12 noon, Wednesday 4 November 2015.
  • You must vote for four candidates. Put a cross against each one, don't number them.
  • The four candidates with the highest number of votes cast are elected.

The candidates:

Incumbent Directors standing are:  Phillip Jones, Stuart Slade, Kathryn Westwood, Josephine Archer.

New candidates are:  Damon Thomas, Bill Harvey, Bob Campbell.

A comment:

We have been surprised over the last few years at the lack of transparency around the RACT Board elections. However it is good to see that the processes and responsiveness to external interest are improving.

  • The sort of advice we present in this article is gathered from several sources  i.e. is not routinely shared with RACT members. 
  • Members who choose not to receive the Journeys magazine (for example in order to save paper waste) had to go a fair bit out of their way to get the voter pack. NEW - this year they have been sent a voter pack in the mail.
  • This is the third year that we have conducted a survey of candidates, and still their processes have not been adjusted to routinely ask candidates for an email address which could be shared if required as part of the electoral process.  NEW - this year there was a quick turnaround on our request for email contact addresses.





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