RACT Board election 2017

The RACT is a powerful voice for road users in Tasmania, and we have been pleased to see some positive movement towards supporting safer conditions for bike riders.  Let's see that momentum continue!   Voting for 4 new members of the RACT Board has opened and it closes at 12 noon, Wednesday 13 November 2017.   6 candidates are standing this time around.  Details of the voting arrangements are here.

Some of the details:

This year, RACT members can vote online (hurrah!). 

Unique voting codes for members have been provided on the reverse of the flysheet that accompanied the October/November edition of Journeys magazine.  Members who do not receive the magazine should have received a separate letter. In addition for eligible members who have provided their email details an email will be provided during the ballot period.

If you have misplaced or have not yet received your unique voting code and would like it emailed to you, email [email protected] with your name and member number and RACT will send it to you.

You will then need to access the Members' Hub to find the link to online voting.

Each eligible member is allowed only one vote in this ballot.   The four candidates with the highest number of votes cast are elected. The result will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

How to vote:

If you are looking for

  1. commitment to vulnerable road users (bike riders and pedestrians)
  2. support for social and environmental objectives
  3. commitment to safer roads for all users
  4. reference to imminent changes in the transport sector and the on-road environment - indicating they will be a change agent for RACT's policies

then you should  vote for

  • Bill Harvey (mentions all these in his candidate's statement, and has runs on the board as an Alderman with Hobart City Council).
  • Sharyn von Bertouch (mentions the first three, and has runs on the board for #4 as an Alderman with City of Clarence).
  • Alison Flakemore and Sue Smith both mention an interest in improving the safety of all road users (#3) in their candidate's statements.




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