RACT Board election - vote for bikes!

The RACT is currently holding an election for 4 Board members.  Relevant Dates are: 1) ballot opens 14 October 2013 and 2) ballot closes 12 Noon 6 November 2013. 

BT Committee member Just took a look at the candidates' election platforms and was shocked at what he found:

"Any other day I could have left the RACT board election ballot paperwork lying in the in-tray, waiting to be recycled or –given a cold October night– used for fire starter. My interest was piqued –however– when I was alerted to some firm sentiments expressed by one of the candidates. Firm anti-bicycle sentiments.

For that reason I started engaging with this process a little more; I read the voting information leaflet that was included in the RACT mailing. It contains both a summary of the process and the candidates’ names and candidates statements.

First thing I noticed was that, at my household, I only received one mailing, and therefore only one ballot paper, even though there are two eligible members in my household.

Reading the candidates’ self-promotion spiels and comparing the ballot paper, I noticed that the candidates’ names on the ballot paper are not the same as the names on the voting information leaflet. That may be minor when there’s only a middle name added (e.g.Peter/Peter Alliston Dixon); I felt it could be a source for confusion in cases like Edward/Ted Best or Robert/Bob Campbell. And others.

My two-line-ish thoughts on all the candidates’ spiels, in randomised order, are below. I encourage you to read the candidates’ statements in full on the voting information leaflet (online here). 

Bob Campbell (Robert Alexander Campbell)

·   Councillor in Southern Midlands council and community volunteer. Emphasises a regional road upgrade (the B31).

·   Emphasises a car related career (manufacturing, repairing). Personal engagement.

Roger Locke (Roger Sidney Locke)

·   Long-time serving RACT director and past president.

·   Emphasises membership growth and RACT travel, hospitality and insurance functions.

Ted Best AM (Edward Charles Best AM)

·   Long-time serving RACT director and past president.

·   Emphasises members benefits, accommodation and networking with interstate groups.

Robin Holmes (Robin Harold Holmes)

·   Serving RACT director and chairman of subcommittee.

·     Emphasises passenger and freight transport, family and Rotary membership and leadership roles.

Ron Ward (Ronald Edwin Ward)

·    Management consultant, director.

·    Emphasises  heavy vehicle and public transport.

Andrew Abbot (Andrew James Abbot)

·    Proud senior Hobart lawyer/barrister

·    Emphasises his perceived “war against motorists” by Hobart City Council and the state government. Emphasises fighting against pushbikes and bike lanes. Emphasises emotiveness, negativity, anger and fighting.

Jenny Self (Jennifer Anne Louise Self)

·    Career business manager/administrator.

·    Emphasises organisational and strategy skills

Ron Christie (Ronald George Christie)

·    Deputy Lord Mayor of Hobart City.

·    Emphasises networking and road/traffic infrastructure.

Peter Dixon (Peter Alliston Dixon)

·    Serving board member, chairman of subcommittees.

·   Emphasises Northern (Launceston) representation, legal experience and association with University (Lecturer and Associate Dean).

While 8 of the 9 candidate statements read like very brief self-promotion résumés (some more convincing than others, some more relevant than others, and one even more glowing than the next) one candidate’s stands out in style.

He is a barrister and capable of playing to his audience. He’s not promoting himself in his candidate statements; rather he’s playing a communication game. While all other candidates statements are positive and constructive, his is negative, self-victimising and divisive. He’s picking cheap fights in the hope of garnering votes. He throws around the emotive words “war against motorists”, “cherished … lifestyle” and hopes to cash in on negative associations “trashed by Giddings government and HCC”. And the final tool in his leadership arsenal is picking on the outgroup. Class.

My advice? Pick the four members that you think are most interested in reaching out and looking outward. You may find regional representation important, you may find gender balance important.  And if you don’t have any great gripes with the RACT as-is, you may even consider the serving members that are up for re-election".  

Voting is by Reply Paid postal vote.  If your latest Journeys hasn't been delivered, you can pick up a ballot paper and RP envelope at an RACT office.


Activity 2 reactions

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  • Tim Stredwick
    commented 2013-10-12 18:35:24 +1100
    I am not really surprised. The RACT is after all a motoring organisation so will naturally attract petrol heads with such views. I would guess that more than ~11% of drivers hold the similar opinions.
  • meika
    commented 2013-10-11 19:01:29 +1100
    The RACT is rotten to the core..

    For starters the ballot papers arrived with their Journeys magazine in AN UNMARKED ENVELOPE.

    I mean FFS.

    Its run by rotters for rotters who aspire to have a shack at Falmouth with the other social extremists.