Report Card - Healthy Connections

In 2012, Bicycle Tasmania conducted an audit of safe routes for bike riders in Tasmania.  Our excellent Facilities Development Manager at that time, Liam Correy, compiled a list of the key bike paths and bikelanes which should be constructed to create the coherent bicycle network required for Tasmanians to be able to safely ride from home to work, school and play.  

This plan for action was released as "Creating Healthy Connections - Unlocking Tasmania's Bicycle Riding Potential" - a plan to build a bicycle network for all Tasmanians by 2020. 

The plan was circulated to local Councils and to the State Government, and has been used by bike advocates to help guide our lobbying of key decisionmakers.

While sometimes we can feel that progress is glacial, our professional advocacy staff and our passionate members keep lobbying, writing submissions, turning up to meetings, writing letters to Aldermen, organising petitions, etc, to make sure that the bicycle network keeps growing.



Four years later, in 2016, here's a snapshot of what's been achieved since the 2012 publication of Healthy Connections.


Hobart City Council area

These Healthy Connections items are complete (or are underway and almost complete):

1.1   Battery Point Inland route - connecting Salamanca Place to Marieville Esplanade

- a signage plan has been prepared and should be implemented in 2016.

1.2   Commercial Road connection - providing a cut through for bikes onto New Town Rd

- this is on the Council's works program for 2015/16.

2.5  Hobart Rivulet Track - an upgrade to support the predicted level of traffic
- upgrades are happening this year, including a sealed surface in the lower section and an improved crossing at Gore St.

2.8  Mawson Place to CSIRO - the extension of the InterCity Cycleway around to CSIRO

- Morrison St from Elizabeth St to Brooke St section completed. 

- the next stage between Brooke St and PW1 will commence after Easter. 

- UTAS has plans to upgrade the section in front of IMAS.

2.17 Sandy Bay Rd cycleway - Stages 1 and 2
- a shared pathway on the river side, from Marieville Esplanade to Derwentwater Ave.

- an on-road bikelane from Derwentwater Ave to Long Point Rd.

- the speed limit was reduced to 50kph along the total Sandy Bay Rd cycleway (Stages 1 and 2) stretch.

3.4  Augusta Rd, Lenah Valley - two short uphill sections of bike lane have been painted.

3.12 Federal St connection - Argyle St to Elizabeth St

- this is currently in design stages and should be built in 2015/16.

3.18 Cascade Rd, South Hobart - onroad bikelanes near the brewery, kerb cuts, parking space removal.

3.21 Sandy Bay Road cycleway - Stage 3

-  on-road bikelanes will be marked in mid-2016 from Taroona to Lower Sandy Bay shops.

- the speed limit will be reduced to 50 kph along this stretch once the bikelanes are completed.


Clarence City Council area

These Healthy Connections items are complete (or underway and almost complete):

2.15 Rose Bay High cycleway - connection to Rosny CBD

- the design has been prepared for the section from the overpass to Rosny Park.  Stage 1 is funded by Council and will be constructed in 2016.

- a new path link from Rose Bay is almost complete as part of the East Derwent Highway Interchange project.

2.16 Rosny to Mornington cycleway - Kangaroo Bay Rivulet Track

- the first stage from Rosny to Gordons Hill Rd is planned and will be constructed in 2016.

2.18 Tasman Bridge to Rose Bay High cycleway

- this connection was completed in 2014.


Glenorchy City Council area

These Healthy Connections items are complete (or underway and almost complete):

3.15 Intercity Cycleway on road connections

- while not specifically listed in Healthy Connections, the Main Rd onroad bike lanes at Austins Ferry represent a link to the cycleway, these are currently being built.


Kingborough City Council area

These Healthy Connections items are complete (or underway and almost complete):

2.6  Spring Farm Rd overpass  – Pathway link from Spring Farm Road overpass to Antarctic Division has been designed and funded. It will be constructed at the same time as the nearby Bunnings Development.

3.16 Onroad connections?


Brighton Council area

2.2  Bridgewater to Pontville Cycleway. First stage of pathway constructed as part of Brighton Bypass. Council is designing a second stage of pathway from the bypass to Brighton township in 2015/16.


Launceston City Council area

These Healthy Connections items are complete (or underway and almost complete):

2.10 Inveresk to Rocherlea cycleway
- completed

- also new trails along the top of the refurbished levees on the Esk River.

3.17 Intersection Treatments

- Westbury Road (Normanstone to Bertha) bikelane

- Improved crossing of Mowbray Link


Devonport City Council area

3.9 Onroad connections?

2.4 Offroad routes?

900-metre linking path on Formby Rd 

First stage of the Devonport to Spreyton road link (2.1 kms). 

First stage of the River rd link to Latrobe (1.5 kms). 

Upgrade of Great Foreshore Ride. Widening to 3 metres and realignment on high-use section on Bluff Rd. (1 km). 

The Miandatta Meander constructed from Formby Rd to Lyons Ave. 

Dorset Council area

These Healthy Connections items are complete (or underway and almost complete):

4.2 North East Rail Trail
- Stage 1 - Scottsdale to Tonganah - has been built.

Central Coast

Extension of shared path from Wharf across Leven River to West Ulverstone.


Some additional completed works (i.e. not listed in Healthy Connections 2012) which Bicycle Network Tasmania and other lobby groups such as Tamar BUG and Safer Roads for Cyclists (Tas) have lobbied for include:

- widening of the uphill road shoulders on Bonnet Hill, Kingston, to improve safety for road riders.

- improvement of the timing of the bike traffic light at Evans St, Hobart.

- Howrah to Rokeby offroad pathway.

Do let us know if we have left out improvements that you are aware of!




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