Report that incident

Our Riders' Log page has useful tips on what you can do if you experience bad behaviour from an other road user or notice some dangerous conditions on the road.

BNT's Riders' Log is a way to keep your fellow riders informed of what's happening on the road and how you think conditions can be improved.   If you report your experience through the Riders' Log, we will use this information in our advocacy work with Council and State bodies to promote continued improvement in conditions for riders.

If you are reporting poor road conditions or safety concerns, please also report these to your local Council.  You could use an app like SnapSendSolve, NeatStreets or RiderLog (note, this last one is iOS only at present) to do this. 

Dangerous driving incidents should also be reported to [email protected]   Our experience is that your email will be registered and acted on.  It will help your case if you are very clear in your report about the details of the car.  If you noted down the driver's car registration number, you can check your recollection of the details of the car here

As most of us carry mobile phones when riding, you can phone 131444 and provide an immediate report.  You should be prepared to provide a statutory declaration and give evidence to progress an action by the police.

Members of Bicycle Network Tasmania who are involved in a crash and are injured, or whose bike (or property) is damaged,  can get Rider's Rights information and referral for legal advice by calling 03 8376 888.


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