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Since its beginning, Bicycle Tasmania has worked with Local and State Governments and communities across the State to support and encourage bicycle movements. Bicycle Tasmania's advocacy work has encouraged more Tasmanians to ride more often and has helped pave the way for vital active transport connections. 

Bicycle Tasmania has subsequently grown to being an organisation with just short of 1000 financial members, and represents an active network of bicycle users well beyond that number. Recent growth in membership has enabled a positive restructure of the organisation that will see all Tasmanian bicycle users better represented. 

As a state-wide organisation, Bicycle Tasmania has always striven to properly serve the whole of Tasmania. However limitations in resources, as well as geographical separation between the south and north, have created challenges. To demonstrate our commitment to the north, we are creating a part-time advocacy position lobbying for the interests of the North and North West of Tasmania. 

Here are the new working arrangements: 

  • A new position will be created for 'Advocacy North', situated in the North, taking effect in July 2014. 
  • Advocacy Manager Emma Pharo will take on the position of 'Advocacy South'. 
  • Facilities Development Manager Alasdair Doyle will take on the role of 'Communications Officer'. 

Having an on-the-ground Advocacy Officer in the North will mark a new era for Bicycle Tasmania, and will help support improved connections in the North and North West of the State. We are tremendously excited by this restructure, and are proud and humbled to represent and support bicycle users all across the State. 

With this in mind, if you're a bicycle user and live in the North of Tasmania, there has never been a better time to become a Bicycle Tasmania member.  

Click here to become a Bicycle Tasmania member. 

Membership fees strongly support our facilities development staff to lobby for better and safer riding connections. The more members we have, the more clout we have at a local and state level and the more facilities development staff we are able to employ. 

Membership also includes:
-The best insurance cover available in Australia for regular bike riders.
-Free legal advice on cycling related matters by professionals.
-Discounts on Bicycle Tasmania rides and events.
-Discounts on Bicycle Tasmania products like T-shirts and riding kit.
-RideOn magazine - 6 editions per year of this excellent full-colour magazine (worth at least $45).
-Member discounts at bike stores across Tasmania.

Click here to become a member, and help us reach 1000 members! 

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