Bicycle Network Tasmania Ride Information

Icon Rides

Bicycle Network Tasmania assists Bicycle Network to organise Icon Rides in Tasmania. 

The Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain was first held on Sunday 1 November 2015. 

Ride the Night Hobart was first held on Saturday 30 January 2016.

Medium Rides

Bicycle Network Tasmania organises a number of medium size social, non-competitive rides each year. These include:

  • Kingborough Treasure Hunt - March, in Bike Week
  • Kate Tamayo Women On Wheels - March, in Bike Week
  • E-bike Rally - November

Watch our Events Calendar, our fortnightly In The Loop newsletter and our social channels for advance warning of the dates for these and how to register.  If you'd like to be involved, we are always on the  lookout for volunteers to help with organising these rides and helping out on the day.

Social Rides

Bicycle Network Tasmania coordinates a program of Social Rides.  These are friendly non-competitive rides, organised on a regular schedule or fairly ad hoc, and designed for small groups (usually less than about 20 participants).  The purpose of the program is to have fun, to support new riders as they develop skills and confidence, and to build safety for riders through increasing the visible presence of bikes on the road. 

Our Ride Leaders are accreditted by Bicycle Network Tasmania.

Details of planned social rides will be advised well in advance of the ride, via the Events page and via Facebook.  Riders should RSVP via the Event webpage - this will make it easier for us to let you know if the ride is changed or cancelled.  The ride leaders may also be contacted for additional rides information.   

More information about Bicycle Network Tasmania's Social Rides program can be found here.

Other Organisations' Rides

We will help other organisations to publicise their rides (such as charity rides) through our blog and our Event Calendar.  However we cannot lend our name or our insurance cover to other people's rides.

Insurance etc

Please note that Bicycle Network insurance for personal accident and third party damage covers only financial members. This means:

  • Current Bicycle Network members are covered by their membership insurance whilst on a Bicycle Network or Bicycle Network Tasmania ride.
  • This provides cover against personal accident of the rider, and also against damage/injury caused to a 3rd party while the member is riding a bike.
  • Before participating in a Bicycle Network or a Bicycle Network Tasmania social ride, please check what insurance cover you have. 

Bicycle Network Tasmania will make every effort to ensure organised rides are safe, however participants are advised to ensure they have insurance against accidents.  The best option is to become a member of Bicycle Network,  which ensures you have excellent year-round 24/7 cover against both Personal Injury and Third Party Personal/Property damage whilst riding your bike.  Join here.

Note - if there are any riders under 16 years old, the adult with them will take primary responsibility for their safety on the ride.

Others Organising Rides

Bicycle Network Tasmania has links, and can put you in touch, with other organisations that run rides, for example:

If your group would like to be added here, drop us a line!


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