Reporting Road Conditions

Poor road and pathway conditions

If you are reporting poor road conditions or something that is annoying (like missing kerb ramps or lack of bike parking rails), please report these directly to your local Council (and copy to us via Rider's Log below if you like).  Include a photo if you can and a brief description of the problem.  If you see something that looks wrong or out of place, it is worth reporting this, as if it is discovered early it is likely to be easier/cheaper to fix. 

Or, you could use an app like SnapSendSolve to do this.  Or check your Council's webpage for their contact details. Here are some examples:

If you're not happy with the response, follow up with an elected representative (mayor, alderman or councillor).  Check our Who to Contact page for contact details.

Regional roads and highways are the responsibility of the Department of State Growth.  You can report a maintenance issue on a State road as follows:
    North West: 6477 7062
    North East:  6777 1953
    South:         6166 3365

or by sending an email to [email protected].

Dangerous incidents

Report dangerous driving incidents to [email protected], your email will be registered and acted on.  It will help your case if you are very clear in your report about the details of the car.  It may help your case if you have recorded a video of the incident on a bike camera (such as Fly6 or Fly12). 

If you noted down the driver's car registration number, you can check your recollection of the details of the car here.  As most of us carry mobile phones when riding, you can phone 131444 and provide an immediate report.  You should be prepared to attend a police station to provide a statutory declaration and give evidence in order to progress an action by the police.

If there is a crash or a collision and you are not legally obliged to report it to Tasmania Police (e.g. the damage to people and vehhicles is minor), you can still make a report to the police online.  This ensures that the incident is filed in official records and can be used for insurance purposes.  Check the details here.

We recommend reporting your incident via Bicycle Network's new CrashReporter.  This is an important new tool for recording the details of crashes and other nasty incidents on the road and the data collected will help Bicycle Network to build a database of hotspots where things are going wrong for riders.

Members of Bicycle Network Tasmania who are involved in a crash and are injured, or whose bike (or property) is damaged, can get Rider's Rights information and a referral for legal advice by calling 03 8376 888.

Road rage

With road rage, the rider should immediately report it to police. The police will decide the appropriate law under which to launch a prosecution if they have the evidence to proceed.   If there is evidence such as camera footage or witnesses prepared to give a statement, let police know.

It’s not necessary for the rider to know what the law pertaining to road rage is or whether Tasmania is different to other states before making a complaint to police.  You would only need to seek legal advice if you were planning a civil action.

There have been a number of successful police prosecutions in the North, where cyclists have been subject to what we can broadly call road rage.

Of course, if there is a physical confrontation then the laws regarding assault come into play.