Riders' rights at Kangaroo Bay

Bicycle Network asked for positive consideration for bike riders in the development of the new hotel and hospitality school at Kangaroo Bay.  We were concerned that the Clarence Foreshore Trail should retain its integrity both through and around the front of the proposed development, and we suggested that Council should require Green Star level facilities be provided for bike parking and end-of-trip facilities for riders.  

We asked for:

  • a generous shared pathway on the interior, between the hotel and the school, ensuring high quality surfaces and free flowing transit lines, and minimising conflict points between riders, hotel guests and hospitality students
  • this path to connect directly at the northern and southern ends to optimise access for riders commuting to work
  • a generous shared pathway around the foreshore front of the hotel, with clear sight lines and no sharp corners (access by riders around the front of the hotel was pretty vague in the original plan)
  • adequate bike parking provisions, and ensuring clear lines of sight of the parked bikes from passersby and users of the area, to discourage theft and vandalism (the original plan had no bike parking included)

Council has now provided planning approval for the development with a range of conditions imposed on top of the original design, and they look pretty good for riders.  Some of the details:

The interior access pathway:

  • a clearly defined cycle path/multi user path across the forecourt and through the interior of the development
  • built so as to link with the existing or proposed foreshore pathway to the north and the south of the development
  • potential conflict points between cyclists and other users to be resolved.

The waterside pathway:

  • a public multi-user path with a clear width of 4m, with no sharp bends.

Bike parking:

  • 14 weather protected and secure bike parking spaces (Class 1 or 2) for employees and students
  • shower and change room facilities for employees of the hotel and the educational facility
  • 14 open bike parking spaces (Class 3) for visitors, adjacent to the cycleway and near the forecourt and eating areas
    • minimising the distance from the street to the parking spots; providing clear sightlines from the building or the public road to provide adequate passive surveillance of the parking facility and of the route from the parking facility to the building; and avoiding creation of concealment points to minimise the risk 
  • must be installed prior to commencing the use of the development.

Arrangements during construction:

  • Alternative arrangements must be provided for pedestrians, riders and yacht club access.

Car parking: 

Car parking on-site will be restricted to 70 places.  The developer will pay Council a sum of $730,000 in lieu of another 73 car parks.  We hope that those funds are not immediately transferred to construction of nearby carparking, but are instead put towards the establishment or maintenance of facilities for alternative transport modes such as bus, ferry, taxi, car-share, e-vehicle charging, and active transport such as walking and bike riding.


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