Risky business

Thanks to Ride On mag for this post, just in time for the party season.   


While exact figures of how many people drink and ride aren’t readily available, Ride On decided to survey bike riders about their post-pub or party habits. The survey was anonymous and asked 125 riders whether they had ridden home drunk in the past year, whether they had injured themselves, and why they had done it in the first place.

One of the top reasons for soused riders to jump on their bike was because they felt riding was safer than driving, as
the only person they risked hurting was themselves.   Many said it was safer than waiting alone for a taxi, walking home in the dark or catching public transport late at night.....

But we should remember that when we drink and ride, we are less capable on the road and therefore at higher risk of accident and injury.  Alcohol can compromise many key skills necessary for safe riding and driving, most obviously psychomotor skills (balance and coordination), but also our reaction time, vision, perceptiveness, vigilance and ability to divide attention between all aspects of riding.  And: 

Riding while drunk is not legal in Tasmania.

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