River Road Link

Approximate Distance:  6 km
Local Government Area:  Devonport and Latrobe
Legislative Council Division:  Mersey
State/Federal Government Electorate:   Braddon
Approximate Cost:  $4M

Proposed Style of Facility

3 metre wide off-road shared path

What are the Major Trip Generators and Attractors?

Recreation and commuting between Latrobe and Devonport, Thompsons Park

What other Facilities will it Connect to?

On-road paths in Ambleside, southeast Devonport

What Documents does this fit Under? 

Devonport Cycling Network Strategy


The River Road Link to Latrobe will provide a safe and attractive route for people to ride between Ambleside in southeast Devonport to the township of Latrobe. The route is already very popular with road cyclists but provides little in the way of protection due to the narrow and winding road alignment in the rural section south of Ambleside. 

The proposal includes a safe recreational and commuting pathway clear of the road for the majority of this riverside journey and would connect to newly provided on-road bike lanes in the suburban route through River Road.

The proposal was included in the state government's Nation Building 2 bid for funding from Canberra, and unfortunately the sustainable transport package was unsuccessful. The pathway requires considerable external resources because there will need to be some road stabilisation work in the river flats ahead of the construction of the path. 


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