Safe riding on the footpath

Our own Emma Pharo features in this RideOn article about the importance of being able to ride on the footpath.



We are luckier than other States in that there are no restrictions on riding on the footpath here in Tassie.  We really need this access in the absence of decent separated onroad and offroad bike paths, and while safe connected bike networks are slowly being built.

“As a parent I really like to be able to tell my 14-year-old that he should use the footpath in a couple of tricky spots between home and school or home and his friends’ houses. I worry less about him, knowing that he can use the footpath if he has to,” Pharo says.

Of course the solution that Bicycle Tasmania is promoting is both safe space for cycling and safe space for pedestrians.

 “Our cities are yet to be retrofitted with good bike infrastructure,” she explains. “In the meantime it would be a big deterrent to less confident riders if they could not use the footpath.”

The footpaths should also be a safe haven for children, adolescents and older citizens who are walking, so riders should behave carefully when sharing the footpath with pedestrians.  Key things you can do are to: ride slowly (at walking speed when walkers are around), keep a careful watch out for pedestrians and for cars emerging from driveways, ring your bell when about to overtake, and be polite and friendly.  

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