Sandy Bay Rd cycleway Stage 3 on its way

With some minor compromises (around parking) made to satisfy concerns of residents along that stretch of Sandy Bay Rd, the final approved plans for the on-road bikelanes from Cartwright Reserve to Wayne Ave look pretty reasonable and are now scheduled for implementation within this current financial year.

The on-road lanes will be a minimum of 1.5 metres wide and will have green paint applied at intersections to alert drivers to the presence of the bikelane.  A large number of on-road car parking spaces have been removed to make space for the bikelanes, particularly on the non-river side of the road.  In some sections, the road envelope will be widened to create the width required.  A couple of new footpaths will be built to improve safety and amenity for pedestrians, and two new pedestrian crossing points will be designed.

When the bikelanes are complete, the speed limit along that stretch of Sandy Bay Rd will be reduced to 50 kph, similar to that along the stretch to the north.  This will ensure an overall safer road environment, for all users.

Bicycle Network Tasmania believes that the final designs look pretty reasonable as a first step towards making riding and walking safer on this stretch of road.  Of course, we aim to come back to this in future with a view to ensuring safety through installation of fully separated bikelanes.

Council estimates that these works will cost about $1.2 million, with part of this funding coming via the Australian Government's Roads to Recovery grant program.

Council infrastructure staff have discussed with State Growth the possibility of extending the painted bikelanes southwards so that they connect seamlessly with those installed by Kingborough Council.   It seems likely that State Growth will ensure that this work is done.


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