Sandy Bay Rd Stage 2 complete

The widening of the footpath, to shared path standards, between the Casino and Marieville Esplanade is now complete.

Northbound riders not confident enough to continue their journey towards the city by mixing with the traffic on Sandy Bay Road through the shops can switch to the new shared path and connect via Marieville Esplanade to Battery Point.

A crossing point from the northbound bikelane to the shared pathway has been constructed near Derwent Water Ave, although some riders may prefer to cross at the traffic lights at Nelson Road

Riders should note that several driveways access Sandy Bay Rd across the pathway, so should keep an eye out for movement at these crossings.


(Thanks to Cycling South for the news and photo).

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  • Di Elliffe
    commented 2014-10-15 10:22:13 +1100
    Here’s a further update from the pathway designers at Hobart City Council:

    “(We) will arrange for immediate line marking adjustment so that we carry the striped centreline of the shared path further south to just short of the first tree. We noticed some wrongly placed signage indicating ‘start/end’ of the facility also that will be relocated and that should assist cyclists in understanding where to cross SB Road.

    (We are) doing a quick sketch design for DSG approval. Once we have that, we have a line marking sub contractor coming back to do minor other works for Stage 1, so we will do this at the same time.

    We will progress whether we can remove the tree to improve sight distance and to improve the legibility of the arrangement. Also, (we have) a good idea for allowing cyclists to enter the on road bike lane further north of the crossing point which we will consider further and just weigh up the pros/cons of that. We won’t do that immediately. It might be something we pass through the bike committee if we think there are any downsides of the idea".
  • Di Elliffe
    commented 2014-10-13 13:54:15 +1100
    Hi Simon,

    Here’s a response to your comment, from Cycling South:
    The shared path has not been designed as a high-speed cycleway and the expectation is fast and confident riders will remain on the roadway because it’s easier and quicker. The footpath will only be used by riders who find it more convenient to access Marieville Esplanade or by slower and more risk adverse riders (including children) who already mostly use footpaths on busy roads anyway. It might have been better if HCC had left the centre line off the path and just put up signs stating it’s a shared path so there wasn’t an expectation of cycleway quality and speeds or that all riders should be using it. Also I would have preferred riders coming downhill keep to the outside of the footpath and away from driveways if no one was coming the other way, which the centre line discourages.

    It is anticipated that riders will use the infrastructure on Sandy Bay Road in various ways heading northbound:
    - Bike lane to shared path (multiple choice of crossing points – Derwent Water Ave, Nelson Rd) to access Marieville Esplanade

    - Bike lane to kerbside lane on Sandy Bay Rd, continuing on roadway

    - Sandy Bay Rd footpath to shared path, remaining off road

    How the infrastructure is used will vary according to time of day and type of user.

    I also referred your comment to Hobart City Council, who will take another look at the section in question to see how they can improve upon it.

  • Simon Grove
    commented 2014-10-10 07:30:57 +1100
    Is this stage really completed? Heading southwards, the lines indicating a shared pathway stop at a point where there’s a high kerb so it’s not actually possible to rejoin the road here! You have to go on tens of metres further, but there are no lines and no signage to suggest that this is what cyclists should do. Also, the point marking the end of the lines is not consistent with the start of the demarcated cycle-lane on the road, which is tens of metres further back / north. The answer is not to truncate the lines on the shared pathway to coincide with the start of the demarcated cycle-lane on the road, because, again, there’s a high kerb at this point. There is, however, a new low point in the kerb further back, which seems to serve no purpose other than to allow cyclists to rejoin the road…but at this stage there’s no demarcated cycle-lane on the road at this point!
  • Simon Grove
    commented 2014-10-10 07:25:14 +1100
    Interesting that the pic shows a cyclist choosing not to use the shared pathway!
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    Sandy Bay Rd Stage 2 shared pathway is now complete
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    Sandy Bay Rd Stage 2 shared pathway is now complete