Social Rides Program

COVID-19 Update:  With the current risks posed by riding in groups, and the possibility of stronger community activity restrictions being imposed, we are suspending our Social Rides Program for a period.   When we reactivate the program we will recommence our fortnightly email update to subscribers and start advertising our rides again.  We look forward to that!

Bicycle Network Tasmania's Social Rides are a great way to enjoy riding.  With a range of rides on offer, you can pick the ride that suits your skill levels and interest, and you'll be in the company of friendly supportive people.  Our free social rides are a great way to make new friends, learn new skills, learn about new shortcuts and safe bikepaths, get fitter, see interesting gear that other riders may have, and generally have fun on a bike. 

The strength of the program depends on members coming forward as volunteers to offer to lead rides. Leading social rides is a great way to "give back" to the riding community, and to help us to get "more people riding, more often". 

How can I hear about rides coming up?

  1. Register here for a regular heads' up by email.
  2. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar.
  4. Register here for our fortnightly In The Loop email newsletter. Make sure you tick: "Advocacy - campaigns and programs"

Ride Themes

Some of the regular ride themes on the go are:

  • InterCity Cycleway Roll
  • E-bike Club
  • NorthWest Monthly
  • Pride Ride
  • Clarence Foreshore Trail
  • To market, to market
  • Women's
  • Pipeline Track

Ride Categories

Publicised rides will be clearly described so that riders can safely choose rides which suit their skills, confidence levels and their available bikes.  Descriptions must include these three key codes:

Terrain Difficulty Code

1. Flat

2. Gentle Grades

3. Rolling hills

4. Mostly rolling hills, some steep climbs

5. Steep hills, long climbs

Speed or Pace Code

A. Leisurely (13-15 kph)

B. Moderate (15-20 kph)

C. Brisk to Fast (20-25 kph)

D. Workout (25+ kph)


The number of km to complete the course and return to the starting point

For example, a leisurely ride from Hobart CBD along the InterCityCycleway to MONA and back (23km return), which  would suit novice riders, would be described as 1-A-23.

Other useful descriptors for rides include:

Road Safety Descriptor

Offroad - All on offroad or physically separated bikepaths or bikelanes

Onroad - All onroad, sharing the road with other vehicles

Hazards - e.g. cattlegrids or wooden bridges

Whether lights will be required (evening rides)

Surface Descriptor

Sealed - OK for road bikes

Unsealed paths - suit hybrid

Dirt roads/Rough - would need MTB or sturdy hybrid

Rider category

New, developing skills


Fit and confident


Expectations of riders

Riders are expected to be self-reliant  i.e. wear an approved helmet, have a working bike (working brakes, reflectors, lights of appropriate strength for an evening ride), bring a water bottle, and have their own small tool kit (pump, tyre repair etc).

If there are any riders under 16 years old, the adult with them will take primary responsibility for their safety on the ride.


Insurance etc

Bicycle Network Tasmania will make every effort to ensure organised rides are safe, however participants are advised to ensure they have insurance against accidents.

  • Current Bicycle Network members are covered by their membership insurance whilst on a Bicycle Network or Bicycle Network Tasmania ride.
  • This provides cover against personal accident of the rider, and also against damage/injury caused to a 3rd party while the member is riding a bike.

Before participating in a Bicycle Network or a Bicycle Network Tasmania social ride, please check whether you have adequate insurance cover.   The best option is to become a member of Bicycle Network,  which ensures you have excellent year-round 24/7 cover against both Personal Injury and Third Party Personal/Property damage whilst riding your bike. 


Accredited Ride Leaders

Bicycle Network Tasmania accredits Social Ride Leaders, and requires anyone interested in leading rides obo Bicycle Network Tasmania to be accredited.  If you would like to be one of our Ride Leaders, please volunteer here and we'll let you know when the next Ride Leader Skills Development Workshop is scheduled.


Ambassador Routes

If your schedule makes it difficult to tap into our Social Rides, have a look at our Ambassador Route program.  If you are comfortable with using GPS-assisted tools, our Ambassador Routes, powered by RideWithGPS, can be like having your own two wheeled guide to some of the best rides in Tassie.


For Ride Leaders only:

Vision6 rego form

Vision6 rego report

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