State Budget 2016 wrapup

The Tasmanian Liberal government's State Budget:

- a restatement of the Positive Provisioning Policy, under which all State road projects must include cycling infrastructure unless there are profound reasons not to do so.  Significantly that policy is mentioned in the Budget papers. It said: “All road projects incorporate the positive provision policy to improve cycling access and safety as part of planning and design activities.’’

- nothing else specific for local or regional bikepaths and trails

- no extension of the Ride2School program (join our letterwriting campaign to see if we can secure this program!)

In response, the Tasmanian Greens' Alternative Budget:

- a Green Infrastructure Fund , to include

                                                                    2016/17    2017/18    2018/19    2019/20     TOTAL

Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure            7.27          9.30           11.33        13.36        41.26

 "Tasmania’s cities and towns can be much more pedestrian and bicycle friendly through investment in improving and expanding walking and bike lanes as well as bicycle infrastructure in partnership with Local Government.  We recognise that an increasing number of Tasmanians are purchasing electric bikes for inner city and urban transport with significant social and environmental benefits.  The Greens will invest more than $41M over four years in accelerating the construction of active transport infrastructure across Tasmania".

 and Tasmanian Labor:

- Regional Attraction, its 10-year regional tourism strategy - nil on bike tourism

- All Aboard, its 10-year public transport strategy - nil on bikes as part of the transport solutions


It's not a very good outcome, is it?  Riders, we all need to lobby our local members to let them know what we think of their policies on bike infrastructure!





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