State Election 2014 - Let's Look at the Candidates

Bicycle Tasmania sent a survey to most of the candidates standing for the State Election, 15 March 2014.  Note- it was hard to get contact details for some of them.  

We asked a set of questions, which you can see in our other election post.   The broader parties' platforms in relation to supporting bike infrastructure in the State are presented through the above post, and you will get a sense there of the level of commitment of the three main parties.

There was quite a diversity in the levels of commitment expressed by the individual candidates.  Quite a few did not bother to respond to the survey at all, which indicates that safe space for bikes is not yet widely regarded as an important issue amongst political aspirants.  We need all bike riders to help raise the profile of bike infrastructure with their local candidates.  Let them know you care about this!




However quite a few candidates were strongly supportive of the need for increased investment in bike infrastructure, and Bicycle Tasmania recommends that you give these candidates preference when you cast your vote tomorrow.

We have collated the responses from all those who took the time to respond, click here  to read them in full:   Candidates' responses.

Where some responses are missing, we will have to take David O'Byrne's response as the response obo the Labor Party, and Will Hodgman's response as the response obo the Liberal Party.  

The responses are shown in order of each survey question, with the candidates then grouped by electorate, so you can look for your own electorate and check out the commitment of the candidates you may be voting for.

Clearly, there are better bike-friendly candidates standing in each electorate that you can vote for, and within the larger parties you will find candidates more worth supporting than others.  

BT members, please let us know in your comments which candidates you will be supporting, and tell all your friends that you will Vote Bike, and the reasons why!

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