Steven Fleming asks Why Not?

Steven Fleming, architectural theorist of cycling, author of Cycle Space and inventor of international Bike Hour, asks the next question:  why shouldn't we be offered weather protected bike lanes?!?!!?!

Good Question. 

He says:  "I was riding between Utrecht city and the university last year, when suddenly it started raining. I looked around and all of the cyclists (mainly students) had stopped and were taking shelter beneath stands of trees. We were all waiting to see if the rain would pass quickly, or if we would have to battle on and get wet. Meanwhile cars and buses kept rolling. The Dutch are in a position to start building rain refuges for occasions like this, and in increments work toward covering all their main bike routes...."

"I learned that Rotterdam has a pitifully low rate of bikes use, compared to car use, despite its world-beating bike infrastructure. Barrier protected cycle tracks don’t do enough to incentivise cycling. They have to be covered as well...."

What do YOU think?

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