Super Tuesday's coming up fast

Our annual bike count aka Super Tuesday will be held in southern Tasmania on Tuesday 1 March this year  i.e. less than two weeks away.  If you are one of our regular southern volunteer bike counters, you will have received an email today inviting you to register as a counter for 2016 and to select your count spot. 

Heads' up, if you have a favourite spot, better get in quick and book it!  It's first in, first served.

This year our bike count is being managed in line with the national Super Tuesday process.  As well as the new site allocation process, volunteers will be offered a free Super Tuesday Tshirt if you register today (limited numbers of Tshirts available). 

Also you will be offered the opportunity of a $50 donation or benefit.  You can choose whether to donate that to:

  1. Bicycle Network - in which case it will go towards our advocacy operations in Tasmania, or
  2. Your membership - either a subsidy for a new membership if you are not already a member (half price!) or to put towards your next renewal of membership, or
  3. A BUG or community charity of your choice - if you name Bicycle Network Tasmania that will come to the state committee for use in local advocacy and services to members.

Benefits all round!

Activity 2 reactions

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.