Tasmanian Cycling Participation

Summary sheet: 2011 National Cycling Participation SurveyParti_1.png

In 2011 the Australian Bicycle Council (ABC) conducted the first ever national bicycle riding participation survey to
begin tracking progress of Australia’s effort to achieve the goals of the National Cycling Strategy. The results of this survey were:

  • Tasmanian cycling participation is similar to the Australian average.
  • Around 19% of Tasmanian residents ride in a typical week, increasing to 28% in a month and 40% over a year.
  • More than half of all children aged under 10 ride each week, decreasing to 39% of children 10-17, 17% of adults 18-39 and 8% of adults aged 40 and over.Parti_2.png
  • Men and boys are more likely to ride than women and girls but the gender gap in Tasmania is smaller than most other states and territories. About 23% of males and 15% of females ride in a typical week. The lowest rate of participation is by older women with 7% of women aged 40 and over cycling in a typical week.
  • Tasmania has a significantly higher rate of recreational riders than the national average - 78% of people who ride in a week do so for recreation.
  • About 30,000 people cycle for transport on at least one occasion a week in Tasmania. Transport trips include riding to work, education, shopping or visiting friends or family.
  • Just over half of the households in Tasmania have access to a bicycle.  


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