Tell us what's missing in Open Street Map

With more commuters using a bicycle as their preferred mode of transport, with widespread recreational cycling, and people from ages 8 to 80 getting around on wheels, there’s a growing need for the best and safest cycle routes to be mapped and made more accessible for riders. Who better to identify and map those routes than the riders themselves—and that’s you!

As we mentioned earlier this year,  Bicycle Network Tasmania is keen to support the development of improved Tasmanian cycling maps based on OpenStreet Map (OSM), and we’d like you to join in.   Think of OSM, with its built in cycling layer called OpenCycleMap (OCM), as an online, interactive cycling map designed for and by cyclists. 

We want the map to be up to date and accessible for locals and visitors, and it's the cycling community that has the best local knowledge.  Bicycle Network Tasmania will be able to use the up-to-date maps to support our advocacy for both improved bike infrastructure and publication of attractive bike maps.

Members and friends are invited to look at the maps and take note of what needs to be changed and what can be added.

  • Are there some bikepaths or onroad bikelanes that you know of that are missing from OSM/OCM?  If you could send us a description, preferably with GPS coordinates for the start and end of the path, that would be great.
  • What would you like to see? For example, do you need to see that a bike path is shared, bi-directional or on one side of the street on the map? Which routes are cycle friendly or great for commuting, and which off-road trails are the best for recreation?  Send us your comments and ideas, to Brittany at [email protected].


We welcome your input on this project and your suggestions. 

If you want to get involved in doing some mapping, there are some good resources to give you an idea of what cycling features can be mapped on OSM, as well as general OSM map features and Australian tagging guidelines.  Once again, contact Brittany to let her know you are doing some work, and to say hello.

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