The Power of One

This story illustrates how local problems can often be fixed by a rider taking a personal interest and contacting Council directly.

Member Andrew Heard, while riding from Granton to Hobart, noticed that the signage was very poor (actually, non-existent) on the Main Rd in Austins Ferry.  It was not clear to riders where to turn off Main Rd to get onto the InterCity Cycleway.  As this is the main entry route to Hobart for cycle tourists, it was pretty poor service.   Andrew contacted us and we suggested that the direct approach might work.

He sent a polite and detailed note to Glenorchy Council, showing on maps where the required signs should be put.  As he said in his note to them:

"If they already exist they can't be too obvious.  I've discussed with a few riders on a number of rides lately.  It seems crazy to us that the cyclist is correctly taken off the main highway (at Granton) but then has absolutely no idea that a great cycleway exists to take them right into Hobart.

Maybe as part of the Main Road bike lane project council could include signage at Abbotsfield Rd to let bike riders know that the cycleway is 450m away and then another sign at Bilton Rd to direct bike riders to the cycleway (150m)."

Well, Andrew got a response from the Council's transport engineer within several days and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing (at first the new sign was put in a bad position, obscured by other signs, but Andrew was still watching), we have a result:



 Well done, Andrew!  Now we need that dangerous kerb bulb removed and a yellow no parking line painted to the corner...



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