Valet Parking

bt-parking.jpg-w_460_h_306.jpgBicycle Network Tasmania offers a Valet Bike Parking service which can be purchased by organisers of festivals, events and cultural activities in the greater Hobart area. This service is required because there is still a major shortage of safe, secure and convenient places for people to park their bikes. We offer the service to support our members and also to promote cycling as a healthy transport option. Valet bike parking is provided close to the entrance to events, so riders get to enjoy quick and convenient access.

Bicycle valet parking has been steadily growing in popularity around the world for the last ten years, contributing to the vibrancy of bicycle cultures in many cities. The bicycle valet parking service offered by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is so popular that in 1998 a law was passed that mandated monitored bicycle parking at all events with an anticipated number of participants greater than 2000.

Run by bike riders for bike riders, bike valet parking provides a hassle free experience for bike riders, decreased congestion in the carparks, reduced need for traffic management, green credentials for your event, and encourages health through physical activity and community engagement.

We currently provide bike valet parking for:

  • Taste of Tasmania
  • concerts at MONA
  • Cricket and footy at Blundstone Arena
  • …why not add your event here?

If you’re planning an event, contact us via to discuss your requirements.

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