Want to be Leader of the Pack?

Bicycle Tasmania has reviewed how social rides will best be organised, and has set up new guidelines.  The new guidelines are supported by a set of procedures which we will use to organise social rides and which will minimise risk to the leader, supporting riders and the ride participants.

In summary, we will have Social Rides, which will be more formally organised, and Fun Rides, which will be "members only" and which will be a lot more flexible.

Next, we need some keen members, experienced riders preferred, who would like to be in social rides for the fun of  it, and who would also be interested in gaining the skills required to lead one or more of them.  Note:  "leading" can also include being the "sweep" who hangs at the back and makes sure that no-one gets left behind.


We will organise some skills development workshops when we get a good number of volunteers.  

The best way to volunteer is to go to our Volunteer page, and click on "I am willing to be a social ride leader".  Or drop a line to [email protected]

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