Want to make/be in a cycling movie?

Following on from the first Bike Week Festival in 2014, the State Cinema in Hobart is keen to put on a festival on again in March. They're on the hunt for new releases to include in the festival. 

The State Cinema is also looking for a series of locally produced clips and videos of riders and their journeys, to showcase what riding is Tasmania is all about and how Tasmanians do it. 

We're looking for good quality riding footage that we can pull together to add to the festival.  GoPro footage, race video, stacks, tricks, commuting and maybe some films done by touring riders! If you don't have a full feature, we can edit your footage with other people to produce a short film about riding in Tasmania. 

This is your chance to have your footage shown on the big screen, and for you and your friends to be movie stars!

Ideally the footage will be in 1080p in a widescreen format. 

We are also on the hunt for someone to help us edit this footage together, so if you or someone you know is interested get in touch. 

Contact us with your ideas and footage, email [email protected]



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