Warm Showers 2014

‘Tis the season to be touring.

Summer always brings the touring cyclists to Tasmania. A number of people around the state are Warm Showers hosts. This is not something kinky, but a group of (usually) cycle tourists who are happy to host other cycle tourists in their homes. Greg Dutkowski and Dorothy McCartney of South Hobart are regular hosts (when they are not touring themselves).  They say that they really love it as they get to meet interesting people and be inspired by their travels. “We even sometimes approach people with panniers we see cycling through Hobart and ask them if they need a place to stay” they said. “We are always amazed when cycle tourists have not heard of Warm Showers – they always want to join. There is no payment involved just the chance for hosts to meet interesting cyclists, and for cyclists to have a warm shower, as well as get local knowledge, a bed or whatever else you can offer.” You can find out more at www.warmshowers.org.


Warm Showers hosts in Tasmania and Victoria.


Fredrick from Sweden.


Clare from the UK.

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