What Bicycle Tasmania Achieved in 2013/2014

Bicycle Tasmania’s state committee took some time in March-April 2014 to review the organisation’s achievements over the past year against our key strategic objectives.  This is what we found.  

More Tasmanians Riding

One of Bicycle Tasmania’s key objectives is to see more Tasmanians riding - for everyday business, to school and to work, and for pleasure and sport.

  • 9% more riders registered for 2013 Ride2Work day in Tasmania than the year before

  • average increase of 11% in the numbers of bikes on the road in Hobart on the morning of annual Bike Count, March 2014

  • increase of 33 to 40% (Hobart City Council monitoring) in the bikes on Sandy Bay Road following the completion of “Stage 1” of the Sandy Bay Road bikelanes

  • large increases in riders participating in BT’s Bike Week rides

  • estimated 15% increase in Tasmanian kids riding to school on Ride2School day

  • more bikes parked this year by our bike valet parking service, which provided for the same number of events as last year

  • more bike hire companies and opportunities than there were a year ago, and local bike shop business is booming; see our updated list of bikeshops and bikehire companies


  • membership has steadily increased over the last five years

  • we are more visible through a new and significantly better web page (NationBuilder platform), and we now capture lists of Supporters as well as Members

  • we have greatly increased our following on social media, with very active Facebook and Twitter accounts

 Improved Infrastructure for Bike Riders

  • proposed North East Rail Trail (Tonganah to Snake Track) has been approved by Dorset Council, and is now awaiting funding
  • proposed extension of the North West coastal path (Devonport to Wynyard) has good support

  • Hobart:

    • Sandy Bay Road bikelanes Stage 1 was completed. Stage 2 shared pathway approved to go ahead and is being planned now. Public consultation was scheduled for May 2014(?), with construction starting in July and finishing in Sept. Keep a watch on our infrastructure pages for updates.

    • steadily growing bike parking, with on-street hoops (well used).  Some outstanding bike parking in new buildings e.g. UTAS buildings IMAS, Medical Sciences 1 and 2. Special congratulations to Corey Peterson of UTAS for his sustainable transport efforts and outstanding achievements in bike parking.

  • Clarence:

    • A participatory planning project is set to start for Clarence Street soon

    • Improvements have been made to Clarence foreshore, Anzac Park, Kangaroo Bay to Tasman Bridge

  • Kingborough: Sealing shoulder on lower section of Bonnet Hill completed

  • Glenorchy has done the planning work and now has several projects that await funding to build, including extension of InterCity Cycleway and Humphries Rivulet

  • our Bike Racks for Community Organisations project successful in gaining funds - racks now in HWHC  (Hobart) and at The Makers (Burnie)

  • we clarified and confirmed our list of priority projects - most are available on our website now


A More Efficient and Effective Organisation

  • our communications channels (including emailing, surveys and social media) are significantly more aligned

  • good progress towards a single integrated database of Members and Supporters

  • guidelines and agreed roles around management of mailboxes, channels and messages

  • productive face to face discussions with Bicycle Network on the future of our service agreement

  • more volunteers involved in our larger rides this year

  • management of assets improved, electronic banking implemented 

More Promotion and Events in the Community

  • fantastic BT presence and attendances at Bike Week

  • new Bike Week Film Festival sponsored by the State Cinema was a great success

  • Cycling Awards presented, contributed to Ride2Work day

  • increased number of larger rides organised, many thanks to new Rides Coordinator Peter Thurling

  • promotion of electric bikes through the inaugural e-bike rally (thanks Alan Whykes) and through social media

  • new charity partnership with Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation - led to increased promotion of BT and of our rides 

 Greater Support from Key Stakeholders

  • our networks in local and State government are stronger

  • significant improvement to structure and reporting mechanisms of Hobart City Council’s bike advisory committee

  • Bike Futures conference (Hobart) was successfully delivered

  • we ran candidate surveys and published results to members and supporters for both the Federal and State elections this year

  • better relations with RACT

  • strengthened relationship with TBUG, also NW group through Richard and Daryl (created Cradle Coast blog), and DIER BUG.

  • maintained representation in statewide and southern Council consultative groups

  • legal status of riders on road was clarified, guidelines published on web page 

And a Pile of Good Ideas

Of course more great ideas were contributed over the last year than we had the resources and capacity to progress!  Perhaps next year….

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