What Does Bicycle Tasmania Do?

Bicycle Tasmania, in partnership with the Bicycle Network, provides a voice for bike riders in Tasmania. Bicycle Tasmania and Bicycle Network support programs and facilities that recruit and support new riders, support existing members and riders, advocate and lobby for new and improved facilities, and represent Tasmanian bike riders on a national level. 

We do this by:

Recruiting and supporting new riders

  • Ride2Work Program
  • Ride2School Program
  • Participation events
  • Training programs and education

Supporting existing members and riders

  • Membership Services such as rider insurance, legal advice, information,fortnightly newsletters and a magazine.
  • Support new and amended legislation that supports bike riding
  • Provide social opportunities and events
  • Provide bike valet parking at major public events

Advocating and lobbying for new and improved facilities

  • separated, off-road riding connections
  • safer on-road riding connections
  • safer riding conditions on local streets
  • regional recreation and tourism routes

Representing Tasmanian bicycle riders at a national level

  • Bicycle Coalition – A forum of Bicycle Queensland, Bicycle South Australia, Bicycle NSW, Bicycle Network (formerly Bicycle Victoria), Bicycling Western Australia and Pedal Power ACT
  • National Bicycling Community Initiative through the Amy Gillet Foundation

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