What's On - Bike Week 2016

Tassie's annual Bike Week is on from Saturday 30 January to Sunday 7 February this year.

There is a wide range of rides on offer in the South, North and NorthWest of the State.  Posters and postcards are now being distributed to bike shops and where bikes/riders gather.  Please help to publicise Bike Week to your friends and family, by putting up the poster and distributing the postcards.

You can find the complete list of Bike Week events that have been advised to the Tasmanian Bicycle Council here.

Events being organised by Bicycle Network Tasmania are listed on our webpage here under Events.

Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, a city bike with a basket or a clunker, find something that suits you and join in.  See you there!



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  • Peter Thurling
    commented 2016-01-30 13:41:02 +1100
    Hi David and Paul.
    As the organiser of rides such as the Century and Channel rides in the past I am also upset that we are not able to continue the tradition at this time. As Di has stated below it really comes down to the number of organisers and volunteers that we can pull together to put on these rides. Tasmania Police, local and state government OH&S requirements dictate that we had to have far more volunteers to run an event like the Century Ride than in years past in order to gain the required permits. For instance Ride the Night, a 70km ride with much of it on off road bike path, still requires 60 volunteers to put it on – not to mention the 6 months of professional planning by a team of people that has gone into it.
    To put on the Century Ride, under the new Tasmania Police rules, required us to have a lead and follow car for each group of riders. Not to mention marshals at intersections etc. Its just not something that the local committee can commit too with our current number of volunteers.
    So we have decided to run smaller social rides on a weekly basis (more large rides will be a part of this in future) and rely on the professionals at Bicycle Network to put on rides such as Peaks Challenge and Ride the Night.
    It would be great to see you both come along on the 6th of Feb for the Century Ride that we are running as part of the Social Rides program.
    Peter Thurling
  • Di Elliffe
    commented 2016-01-22 13:26:03 +1100
    Thanks for your interest, Paul. We said goodbye to the regular Century Ride here: http://www.biketas.org.au/we_say_goodbye_to_cycling_sunday. It’s due to a combination of reasons: Bicycle Network is bringing new and exciting rides to Tassie, starting with the Peaks Challenge, and more may be in the pipeline. Also a declining capacity amongst our volunteers to organise and manage these rides to the required level of safety. And a sense that it is time for a change, to try something different. People wanting to do 100km in a more social (less competitive) fashion are welcome to register for the Small Century Ride.
  • Paul Smith
    commented 2016-01-21 21:26:58 +1100
    Given the good turn out for the century ride in years past, why has it been effectively chopped?