Why are we presenting this report?

The evidence is in:

Supporting more bicycle riding will deliver significant health, economic, social and environmental benefits to Tasmania at an affordable cost!

Everyone agrees:

WhyReport_1.pngThere is a clear consensus that to make bicycle riding an available transport and recreation option for more people, government must provide supportive facilities and safe, connected bike networks. Recent surveys by local government and motoring groups have found broad community support for improved bicycle riding facilities.

Governments have made statements:

Local, State and Federal governments know that bicycle riding is a sound investment for the health and transport choice of Tasmanians and they support it with strategy and rhetoric.

The statements are not eventuating into a real bicycle network:

The current rate of planning, funding and construction in Tasmania is well below what is required to meet the needs of the Tasmanian community. The 2011 BIXE survey conducted by Bicycle Victoria demonstrated that Tasmania has the lowest level of bicycle facility expenditure in Australia. Tasmanians deserve a better deal!

Government must support investment:

Bicycle riding is not a pinko greenie plot, it is a sensible, efficient, enjoyable and popular transport and recreation option which needs to be supported, not politicised.

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